Just as nature intended

J.Robert Farms is an aquaponic farm located in Bentong, Pahang. Our mission is to provide fresh and wholesome organic produce which is both affordable and sustainable for all to enjoy. Since our opening, we’ve been farming and selling our produce direct from our farm. In that time we’ve seen our products grace the kitchens of award-winning restaurants across the Klang Valley. When you purchase from J. Robert Farms, you can rest assured that our products have been produced with your health in mind.


Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (raising fish in a controlled environment) and Ponics (growing in a soil-less media). Taking cues from nature, aquaponics harnesses the power of bio-integrating these individual components: Exchanging the waste by-product from the fish as a food for the bacteria, to be converted into a perfect fertilizer for the plants, to return the water in a clean and safe form to the fish. Just like mother nature does in every aquatic ecosystem.